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    The combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in this formula will significantly increase the moisture in the skin, and the collagen production is highly activated.
    Just a few drops will make the skin wonderfully soft.

    The natural ingredients will protect and hydrate the skin.

    The face serum gives the skin the best care for a dry and sensitive skin, while leaving the skin with a silky-smooth feeling.

    Key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid – Vitamin C – Bitter Cherry Water extract.

    Read full ingredients list below.

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    Our organic deo serum is here! It is a deodorant – not an antiperspirant, so the skin will continue to breathe.
    It is very gentle on your armpit, your skin and you – that is why we call it ‘The conscious deodorant’.

    Key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid – Bitter cherry water extract – Betaine – Silica.

    See full ingredients list below.

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    The gift box  Healthy and Natural Skin Kit FACE contains:
    A wonderful and moisturizing face serum and a nourishing face cream. 

    We say Happy Skin Day with:

    Face Serum (30ml):
    A highly hydrating face serum, that will give the skin moisture and a fantastic glow. The effective antioxidant, Bitter Cherry extract, is chosen as a key ingredient for anti-aging activity, improving fine lines and collagen production.
    Read full ingredients list below or here:

    Face Cream (50ml):
    One of our bestsellers!Natural fatty acids from cocoa butter, shea butter, berry wax, avocado oil, cucumber oil and rosehip oil are some of the ingredients, that assist the skin to stay moist, elastic, soft and supple. Fine lines are smoothened and the skin both feels and looks younger.
    Read full ingredients list below or here:

    The gift box has a value of € 113,-.