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    Body Scrub Lemon Grass is an effective and mild body scrub, with a gel-like consistency and a lovely fresh scent of lemon grass.

    The fine sugar grains will gently exfoliate the dry and delicate skin, without damaging the skin.
    The body scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves the skin looking rejuvenated and radiant while feeling silky-soft.

    Feel a nourishing and refreshing skin with the Body Scrub Lemon grass.

    Key ingredients:
    Olive oil – Almond oil – Cane sugar

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  • kr. 350,00

    The gift box  Healthy and Natural Skin Kit BODY contains:
    A wonderful body scrub and a nourishing body lotion. 

    We say Happy Holidays and Skin with:

    Body Scrub Delicate (100ml):
    This body scrub is outstanding – the texture is gel like and therefore easy to apply. The scrub gives a gentle and pleasant scrub-experience.
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    Body Lotion Botanical (100ml):
    This body lotion is wonderful – it gives the skin moisture and nurture with natural and active ingredients. The natural scents from Hawthorn / Raspberry is so amazing – without allergens!
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    The gift box has a value of € 51,-.