How to treat dry skin

face serum, face cream and body lotion in bathroom

No matter how much we nurture our skin, we can’t deny that everything that we consume and expose our skin to, will effect the skin – to some extent.

Through the different stages of life, the skin will change and even though the skin is diligent and reestablishes irresistibly, it still needs nurture and sometimes it needs to be treated with more care.

If our skin for some reason has gone into a stage of being very dry, there are various possibilities on how to assist the skin to normalize.

Hydration is the key, not oily components.

The skin consists of many layers. The outer layer, stratum corneum, consists in itself of 5 layers. One of stratum corneums tasks is to shed the dead skin cells and to make space for the new skin cells, who also need shedding.The inner layer of stratum corneum consists of ceramides, that are firm and of fatty acids/oils, which are more liquid. The ratio should be about 50/50 to retain a healthy skin, but with dry skin, the ratio is changing and ceramides are reduced, but the fatty acids/oils remain at the same amount, and this gives a disadvantage for the wellbeing of the skin.

It has a direct negative influence on the whole process of rejecting dead skin cells, and it is the change of this ratio that gives dry skin, and this is also why the skin does not need more oils added from skin care.

How to treat dry skin

So, to regenerate the balance between ceramides and fatty acids, which is essential for a healthy skin, you need to hydrate your skin and you can do the following:

  • BODY:
  • Use a mild body scrub 2 times a week for a short period of time – after that, a couple of times a month.
  • When showering only use soap where it is necessary
  • Use a body lotion that will help restore the skins moisture balance.
  • FACE:
  • Don’t use soap or skin cleansers with alcohol for your face
  • Use face serum on your face and your hands.
  • On top of face serum use a face cream that will help restore the skins moisture and that will give plenty of hydration. Do not use body scrub on your face.
  • Drink water daily – plenty of water.

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