The skin

No matter how much you nurture your skin, we can’t deny that everything that you consume will effect your skin – to some extent. Remember that the skin is your biggest organ and that it is noticeable on your skin, if there has been inexpedient consumerism.

Through the different stages of life, the skin will change and even though the skin is diligent and reestablishes irresistibly, it still needs nurture and sometimes it needs to be treated more carefully.

The skin consists of many layers, the outer layer, stratum corneum also called the dead layer, consists in itself of 5 layers. One of stratum corneums tasks is to shed the dead skin cells and to make space for the new skin cells, who also needs shedding.
The skins composition is complex and even though the outer layer is combined by “dead cells”, it is very important for the skins health and for the maintenance of moisture and hydration in the skin. 

The structural and functional integrity of the outer layer is incredibly dependent of the content of the water in your skin. Because many of the enzymes which catalyzes vital functions in the stratum corneum are only water-soluble, which is why these processes doesn’t work if the water in your skin is below a certain titre.

The inner layer of stratum corneum consists of ceramides, which are firm and of fatty acids which are of oils and are more liquid. The ratio should be about 50/50 to retain a healthy skin. If the ratio in the outer layer is changing, the ceramides will be reduced but the fatty acids will remain in the same amount and therefore there is more oils than ceramides. The elevated amount of oils will form a can and the ceramides enzymes will not be able to break down the skin, which is there to shed the dead skin cells and make room for the next skin cells. The side effect is a dry, irritated and impenetrable skin.

That is why it is so important to maintain so much water in the skin as possible. Which is also why application of certain oils on the skin, is not a good solution, but more about that another time. 

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